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Six Course for £42.95

This menu is designed to be taken by the whole table

Cured salmon, cucumber, avocado

Calafuria Salento (Rose)


Scallop, hollandaise, parsley & roe 

Castel Sauvignon Blanc


Slow Cooked Pork cheek, celeriac, pork skin

Castel Firmani Rotaliano


Cod, fennel, cream & basil broth

masi soave classico


Loin of lamb, garlic, spinach, creamed potato

Merlot Terra Della Noce

White Chocolate Mousse 

Moscato D’asti

Please note that on Friday and Saturday lunchtime you can enjoy
Three courses for £22.95

Tuesday to Thursday from 5:30pm – 10pm

Friday from 12pm – 5pm

Saturday from 12pm -5pm

Please note that this is a sample menu and our “Passion” taster may vary